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Your Child in Care Review

Information for children and young people who are looked after by the Children’s Service.

Being in care

Being in care usually means that you are not living with your family and live with foster carers or in a children’s home. Some children in care do live with family members but with extra help from children’s services.

When you are in care we want to make sure you have a say in what is decided about your life. Living away from home can be difficult and we want you to be able to tell us about what you would like to change and what help you think you need. Your views are essential.

Being in care means you will have a social worker who will make some decisions with your family about what is best for you. You need to know about these decisions and have a chance to have your say too. If you cannot have what you want you should be told why and be helped to understand the reasons.

A lot of the decisions that are made happen at your review meeting.

What is a Child in Care review meeting?

Review meetings happen after you have been in care for four weeks, three months after that and then about every six months. The idea of the review meeting is to look at all the help you are getting and to decide what else we need to do together to make a good plan for your life. All the important people in your life get a chance to contribute to the meeting and say what help they think you should get. This means your social worker has to talk to you, your parents or family and carers and other professionals like your teacher.

Who is invited to the meeting?

Some of the people who know you well will be invited to attend your review meeting. Some will be asked to send a report with their views instead.  Your social worker should talk to you before the review. This is to find out if you would like to be at the meeting and whom you would like to be invited. You can also say if there is someone you don’t want to be there and we will think about whether this is possible. 

Where will the review meeting be held?

If you are coming to the meeting it should be somewhere comfortable for you. This may be at the place you are living, let your social worker know where you would like your review to be held.

Who is in charge of the meeting?

Your meeting will be chaired by one of Barnet’s Reviewing Officers. The chair is the person who is in charge of the meeting and has to make sure everyone gets a chance to talk. Your reviewing officer is independent. This means that they do not work directly with your social worker and are in a different team. The reviewing officer is supposed to be neutral which means they don’t take sides.

They are supposed to listen to everyone and help everyone decide fairly what is best for you. The reviewing officer also has to make sure that you get a chance to tell us what you want. Then everyone will make a plan together at the review for the next few months that we hope you will be happy with.