The Pledge

The Pledge is our commitment to you that you will go on to lead happy, independent and successful lives.

The Pledge was produced alongside our Children in Care Council and it includes ‘5 Priorities’ which we were told was important to children and young people. The ‘5 Priorities’ are:

  • A Good Education
  • Feeling a Sense of Belonging
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Staying Safe
  • Championing Your Needs

In each of these priorities are a number of Pledges that we make to you to ensure that are able to lead happy, successful and independent lives.

Please take the time to read The Pledge and to have a chat with your carer/s, social worker, personal adviser or support worker about how it can support you, and also, how you can make the most of it by pledging back in return.

We will work really hard to make sure that we are delivering upon our Pledges and we will work hard so that you are updated upon its progress and the impact it is making upon the lives of Barnet’s Children in Care and Care Leavers.

This is our Pledge!

You can also email us your thoughts, comments or views upon the Pledge or any other issue that’s really important to you by emailing us at