What is Total respect?

Total Respect is a national training course, designed with the help of young people in care, about being in care. It aims to help adults understand the needs and experiences of children and young people in care, how we can listen to children and young people, act on their wishes and feelings, and what we need to do to make sure this is effective.

Total Respect is unique in that care-experienced young people co-deliver the training.

The course focuses on developing the skills and capacity of young people and adults working in the area of children's rights, advocacy and participation in both statutory and third sector. This includes Children’s Rights Officers, Advocates, Social workers and managers, Children in Care Councils, Participation Officers, Independent Reviewing Officers, Independent Visitors, Corporate Parents and other professionals.

It is, therefore, an excellent opportunity for staff and councillors to learn from young people themselves whilst developing their skills and knowledge to actively promote children’s rights and participation.

Young people want Total Respect to bring about permanent change. They really want to see young people and adults working in partnership.