Turning 18

Three months before your 18th birthday you will be assigned a Personal Advisor Social Worker with Onwards & Upwards. There will be a meeting between your current social worker and your personal advisor to ensure that this is a smooth handover.

Onwards & Upwards provide leaving care services for Barnet’s young people who are or have been looked after.  Our main office is at Woodhouse Road, however we also work at NLBP and Barnet House where we might meet with you.

When you turn 18 you are no longer looked after by Barnet Council under the law. However, we have a legal duty to continue to support you until you are 21 (or 24 if you are in further education) and make sure you are coping and settled in to where you are living.

We will work with you your family, friends, your foster carer or support worker, and other people who are important to you to make a plan for getting ready for adult life.

Onwards & Upwards will be delivering workshops to help young people aged 16 and over to think about their future and what support they need to live independently in the future. We have drop-ins on Tuesday afternoons assisting young people into education, employment and training, and a general drop in on Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm at Woodhouse Road.

We will give you advice and support you to:

  • decide where you want to live and find suitable accommodation
  • support you into education, training and work
  • support you in independent skills like managing your money and living on your own
  • support you financially into higher education and when you find a place of your own

We want the support we give you to be individual to you, so your Personal Advisor will continue to update your Pathway Plan to ensure that we give you the support you require to continue on your journey into adulthood.

We want to ensure that what we are dong is helping you and other young people, if you have any comments, suggestions or want to become more involved with our service please speak to your social worker or Personal Advisor. Alternatively you can call us on 020 8359 6220.